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The first connection most Australian's have with primary health services is through their General Practitioner. It is perhaps for this reason that GP's amongst other health professionals are recognised as one of the most trusted professions and according to a 2018 survey, 76% of all Australia's have a regular or preferred GP.

Primary health care in Australia is predominantly delivered through nearly 7,000 accredited general practices' with most primary health services rebatable through the Medicare Benefit Scheme (MBS). With funding provided by the Commonwealth and the scheme protected by legislation, a  diverse and ever expanding range of MBS services are provided at little or no cost to a patient who holds a Medicare card.

Michael Little Healthcare Pty Ltd recognises the key skill shortage of GP's within Australia and partners with medical centres, family practices' and community health organisations delivering retained search services. This includes to search, sourcing and presenting both Vocationally Registered and non-Vocationally Registered Practitioners in consideration for employment opportunities whether that be permanent or locum.

Our expertise includes retained search across Australia for such clinical positions as; General Practitioners (both VR FRACGP/FACRRM and non-VR), Physicians, and Senior Medical Officers with clinical expertise across:

  • Family Medicine

  • Adult Medicine

  • Paediatric Medicine

  • Chronic Disease Management

  • Wound Care

  • Health Education

  • Addiction Medicine

  • Skin & Procedures

  • Sexual Health

  • Care Plans & Health Assessments

  • Cosmetic & Aesthetic Medicine



Michael Little Healthcare Pty Ltd is recognised as one of Australia's leading boutique search firms and the only firm consulting specifically to the general practice and aged care sectors. Michael Little Healthcare maintains chambers in Brisbane and Sydney. We are renowned for our unique and highly successful fee-for-service approach.

Our expertise includes retained search across Australia for such clinical positions as; General Practitioners (both VR FRACGP/FACRRM and Non VR), Physicians, Geriatricians and Senior Medical Officer. 


Our fee-for-service includes retained search, migration and visa support, consulting and expert witness advice including: the Health Insurance Act, Medicare Benefits Schedule as well as Health Workforce Certificates  - Area of Need, District Workforce issues and Distribution Priority Areas.

Michael Little Healthcare has an outstanding reputation for service, professionalism, delivery and value. Using search methodology created by the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants and our industry insight and expert knowledge of Australia's health and aged care system, we are able to match the finest skilled talent, with the best opportunities. This results in better career choices, better hiring decisions and better health outcomes for patients and residents.

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The Australian population is ageing, with older Australians a growing proportion of the total population. In 2017, 15% of Australians (3.8 million) were aged 65 and over; this proportion is projected to grow steadily over the coming decades. Growth in the proportion of older Australians is partly due to increasing life expectancy: in 2014–16, a 65-year-old man could expect to live another 20 years and a 65-year-old woman another 22 years—7 years longer for both sexes than in the mid-1960s. Overall, Australians now enjoy one of the highest life expectancies in the world. 

As the population ages the ever increasing complexity of service delivery to support older people whether that be in their own home, residential aged care or share care support services will require ongoing and continual change. As the 2020 Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety highlighted one of the key challenges in supporting older people will be "workforce" related, particularly raising, training and sustaining an appropriate workforce with not only the clinical competence but also the compassion, skill and empathy required to deliver support services to some of our most vulnerable.


Michael Little Healthcare Pty Ltd partners with the aged care sector to provide a range of staffing and workforce planning solutions to ensure a highly skilled and engaged workforce is available to aged care providers across the sector and our expertise includes; 

  • Health Workforce Planning

  • Workforce Training & Education

  • Retained Search for;

    • Geriatricians

    • Directors of Nursing

    • Executive "C" Suite

  • Workforce Data Collection & Analysis

  • Succession Planning

  • Workforce Engagement 

  • Rostering & Scheduling

  • Headcount Forecasting

  • Risk Analysis

  • Performance Management 



Michael Little Healthcare has never believed in the status quo. In all we do we attempt to push boundaries, challenge ideas and generate conversations about who we are, how we live and in what we believe. At Michael Little Healthcare our influence on the sector is more than just recruitment, developing the health workforce or retained search. Within our DNA we understand we operate within a community and society "bigger" than ourselves. We believe that healthy communities can only be achieved when all members of our society are included, recognised, appreciated, and treated fairly and equitably under the law.


Michael Little Healthcare takes its civic responsibilities seriously and we encourage our clients and stakeholders to support and engage with their community. In conjunction with the thousands of dollars of Pro Bono work carried out each year, Michael Little Healthcare also  has a commitment to increase it's pro bono efforts and contributions to the The Michael Little Healthcare Foundation by 5% year on year.

The Michael Little Healthcare Foundation (MLHF) operates as an independent, secular philanthropic Trust that partners with charities and not for profits supporting key charitable and social projects across six categories: Health, Social, Research, Environmental, Educational and Entrepreneurial.

Over the  last 12 months, the Michael Little Healthcare Foundation has supported a number of charities and community organisations including:

Queensland Medical Orchestra & Choir


Brisbane Inferno FC


QIMR Berghofer

The Benevolent Society



Michael Little FAIM FREC MCHSM
Director / Principal

Michael is a senior Executive with two decades of experience in management, analysis, operations, planning and human resources across a number of sectors including government, health, aged care, recruitment and consulting. As an industry leader, Mike is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management (AIM), a Fellow of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (FREC) UK, a Member of the Australasian College of Health Service Management (ACHSM) and a member of the Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association (AHHA).


In addition to these memberships Mike has undertaken further studies in health administration, business and law and has held several senior positions across government, consulting, health, aged care, and the community and not for profit sector.

​Over the years, Mike has partnered with organisations and stakeholders across all spheres of healthcare assisting in the development of staffing and retention strategy, developing and managing recruitment campaigns, executive search and selection, career management, contingent hiring as well as leading workforce development and HR systems as a Director of a large national aged care and general practice group.

​For more than a decade, Mike has developed extensive professional networks across the general practice, hospital, aged and community care sectors and provided professional Medical Practitioner search services to the industry screening more than 30,000 resumes, interviewing thousands of health and medical specialists, and successfully placing over 1,000 professionals.


Mike has also provided advice and counsel as an expert witness assisting courts across Australia with regard to medical practitioner registration, the MBS, and Health Insurance Act and Provider Number legislation.


Mike's client portfolio includes some of Australia's largest health and primary care groups and he has provided counsel to some of the sectors most influential and respected leaders.





Level 10, 95 North Quay,

Brisbane QLD 4000
07 3188 5652




Level 11, 65 York Street,

Sydney NSW 2000

07 3188 5652



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